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Why Now?
Growth prospects amid economic uncertainty require a well-informed collaboration with the market and management. The CFO and IRO are the nexus of this collaboration.
Session Material
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CFO Panel*
Mon - Jun, 4 | 8:30 am - 9:45 am
Location: 4A (Convention Center Level 4)
Category: General Session

The demands on IR expand with great expectations on CFOs and their organizations. Hear firsthand perspective to help formulate programs supportive of management.

  • Gain an understanding of important issues to CFOs
Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Emily Chasan, Senior Editor, CFO Journal
The Wall Street Journal

Troy Alstead, Chief Financial Officer
Starbucks Coffee Company

Richard Galanti, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Director
Costco Wholesale Corporation

Richard Klein, Managing Director
BofA Merrill Lynch
* Draft description as of 7/3 1:20 pm, subject to change

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